The Illuminator Inspect-Lite TM

This Light Shows Everything

60W 4500Lm max. & 30W - 2300Lm max. - Color Corrective - Dimmable


Part Number         Quantity/box
AL-S020-060W     1 light/bx. 2/case
AL-S020-030W     1 light/bx. 2/case
AL-S020-001         1 dimmer

Note: Dimmer works with both 1 meter & .6 meter lights

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: (blue indicates unique features)

1 Power
  • AL-S020-060W (1M long light) 60 watts
    AL-S020-030W (.6M long light) 30 watt
  • 100-120Vac
2 Voltage (both lights)
  • 3-prong US plug male + female
        o allowing multiple light bars to be powered by one electrical outlet, connected in series
  • Optional Dimmer controls up to 2 light bars connected in series Part No. AL-S020-001
3 PF (both lights)
  • 0.9
4 Efficiency (both lights)
  • >83%
5 illumination
  • 1M light = 3500 – 4500Lm .6M light = 1700-2300Lm
6 IR
  • >70
7 Color temperature
  • 5500-6000K (CW)
8 Working temperature
  • -20~+40°C
9 Dimension
  • 1 M Light 1000mm (39.37”) L x 60.325mm (2.275”) W x 92.075mm (3.625”) H
  • .6M Light 610mm (24.02”) L x 60.325mm (2.275”) W x 92.075mm (3.625”) H
10 Mounting
  • It can be rotated the angle.
  • 1M light = 36 pcs 2W Bridgelux chip .6M light = 24pcs 2W Bridgelux chip
12 Life time
  • >30000 hours
13 IP grade
  • 1M = IP65 .6M = IP44
14 LED color
  • Single color cool white
15 Lighting angle
  • 45°
16 Dimmer
  • Dimmer controls up to 2 lights plugged in sequence Part No. AL-S02-001
  • 2 Years - against manufacturing defects

Adjustable Mounting Brackets

The Illuminator’s” Targeted % of Light Vs Natural Daylight-CRI (Color Rendering Index) = 99.35% or better



Ideal For:

  • WOOD:
    • for inspecting veneers, wood components and finishes,
    • horizontal inspection lighting at individual work-stations
    • mount above the exit of wide-belt sanders, brush heads and other finishing
  • OEM Assembly Plants for detecting
    • Defects in paint
    • Residual sand scratches caused by incomplete polishing
    • Swirls / holograms
  • Marine
    • Mold Department
    • Lamination Departments
      • to more easily identify trapped air
    • Post-Mold
    • Hull, Deck and Small Parts Areas
  • Aircraft refinishing and service centers
  • Anywhere a quality inspection light should ... or can be used

LED Advantages over Florescent Lighting for Inspection:

  • Longer life-30,000 to 100,000 hours compared to 20,000-50,000 of linear florescent
  • Efficancy    LED lighting is capable of offering over 100 lumens per watt of energy consumed
  • Durable      LED lights are highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Better visibility of inspection defects
  • Emit light in a specific direction
  • More energy efficient
  • Turn on instantly
  • Dimmable

“The Illuminator” Mounted for Inspection at Exit of Wide Belt Sander



Victor came up with a great idea... he suggested stacking 2 lights, one on top of the other, to have a taller area of
illumination. This allowed for much faster identification of surface defects and less manipulation of the part.


Identify Defects You Would Not Normally See Under Normal Plant Lighting Conditions

BEFORE:        Normal Lighting In Small Parts Unload Area


AFTER:         Lighting from “The Illuminator” Allowed Plant to Inspect at Unload


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